Francisco José de GOYA Y LUCIENTES (1746-1828)

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Francisco José de GOYA Y LUCIENTES (1746-1828)
Francisco José de GOYA Y LUCIENTES (1746-1828) To bid on this lot, please register with the firm. No DrouotLive for this lot. In order to bid on this lot, please register with the auction house. No Live bidding. Recto: Le pide cuentas la mujer al marido (the wife asks the husband for an account) Sepia wash 23 x 14 cm Titled at the bottom in pen. On the top left, with a brush, the number 58 and on the right, with a pen, the number 11. At the bottom right with a brush: "Caricat.s". Verso: La tia chorriones enciende la Oguera (the aunt chorriones lights the fire) Sepia wash Titled at the top with a pen. At the top right, in brush, the number 57 and, higher, in pen, the number 12. At the top left, in pencil, the letter 9 ? At the bottom, captioned with a brush "Brujas" and with a pen "à recoger". Provenance: Album "B" known as Madrid, series executed between 1796 and 1797. When Francisco Goya died in 1828, his son Javier inherited the "private albums" of drawings left by the artist. Although he began to dismember some of them, most of them, still intact, passed to his son Mariano Goya after his death in 1854. Around 1855-1860, he sold it to the painter Federico de Madrazo and/or to his brother-in-law, Roman Garreta y Huerta. Around 1866-1868, Madrazo made a new montage in three volumes, gave isolated sheets to amateurs before dispersing the rest of the set in an anonymous sale organized in Paris in 1877 through Paul Lebas. 1828- Javier Goya y Bayeu Collection (1784-1854) 1854- Mariano Goya y Goicoechea Collection (1806-1874) ca. 1855-1860, Madrid, Collection Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz (1815-1894) and/or Roman Garreta y Huerta Thanks to the intermediary of Paul Lebas, anonymous sale, Paris, Hôtel Drouot, April 3, 1877, set of 105 drawings by Francisco Goya, no. 73 "La tante Chorriones allume le bûcher 1877-1905, Collection Paul Meurice, (1818-1905) His sale, Paris, Hôtel Drouot, May 25, 1906, n° 97 (verso only) "Brujas à recoger" (120fr to Strolin) 1905-1955,Alfred Strölin Collection (1871-1954) Sale Paris, Galerie Charpentier, April 9, 1957, n° 4 Related works: The drawing that bears no. 57 served as the first idea for "Sopla" engraving no. 69 of the "Caprichos" series. 1798-1799 A similar drawing, in pen, preparatory to engraving no. 69, in the Prado Museum. v(D.4192 "Sueno de Brujas consumadas" Bibliography:` Enrico Crispolti, "Otto nuove pagine del taccuino "Di Madrid" di Goya ed alcuni problemi ad esso relativi" Commentari,IX,3,1958, p. 181-205, fig. 3 and 4, p. 181, 182 Eleanor Sayre, "Eight books of Drawings by Goya" Burlington Magazine, Jan. 1964, no. 730, p. 28 Pierre Gassier and Juliet Wilson, Vie et œuvre de Francesco Goya, Fribourg, 1960. p. 174, no. 417 (B.57) and no. 418 (B. 58), photo of no. 417 p. 184, following no. 590 (as preparation for Caprice 69) Pierre Gassier, Dibujos de Goya, los albumes, Barcelona, 1973. p. 95, 130, 131 Javier Blas, José Manuel Matilla and José Miguel Madrano, El libro de los caprichos. Francisco de Goya. Dos siglos de interpretaciones (1799-1999). Catalogo de los didujos, pruebas de estado, làminas de cobre y estampas de la primera edicion, Madrid, Museo del Prado, 1999. Drawing on the reverse side reproduced on p. 348 Manuela Mena Marques and José Manuel Matilla, exhibition catalog: Goya, luces y ombras, Barcelona-Madrid-Tokyo, 2012. p. 146. We thank Ms. Véronique Gérard-Powell for this information and her help in writing this notice.
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