Classic sale

vendredi 19 février 2021 11:00
Salle 14 - Drouot-Richelieu, 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
Sale information


The sale will be made expressly for cash: the successful bidder undertakes to pay the price of the auction personally and immediately.

and the following sales expenses and taxes: 27% including tax and for books 23.74% including tax.

Lots bearing the mention t will be recorded in the minutes of the SCP Rémy Le Fur: Purchaser's fees: 14.40% including all taxes.

For lots outside the EEC (indicated by v in the catalogue), import VAT (5,5 % of the tendering procedure) should be added.

VAT on commission and import VAT may be passed on to the purchaser on presentation of proof of export outside the EEC.

In case of purchase via the DrouotLive website, a fee of 1.20% including VAT will be added to the above-mentioned fees.

In case of payment by credit card, in particular UnionPay, the possible bank charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Means of payment :

- cash (on presentation of an identity document):

Up to €1,000 including taxes when the debtor has his tax domicile in France or is acting for the needs of a professional activity.

Up to €15,000 including costs and taxes when the debtor proves that he is not a tax resident in France and is not acting for the needs of a professional activity.

professional activity.

- check,

- wire transfer,

- credit cards (visa and mastercard).

In case of payment by cheque or bank transfer, the collection of the items will be delayed until the payment is cashed. In this case, AuctionArt reserves the right to

the right to charge storage, shipping and handling fees.

A prior exhibition allowing buyers to see the condition of the objects for sale will not be admitted.

claim once the award has been made. The information contained in the catalogue is the responsibility of the authorised Auctioneer.

taking into account the corrections announced at the time of the sale and entered in the sale minutes.

The dimensions, weights and estimates are given for information only and do not constitute any guarantee whatsoever.

Re-stretching, flooring or lining are considered as a precautionary measure and not as a defect.

Condition reports are available to those who request them during the exhibition.

From the moment of the auction, the object will be under the full responsibility of the buyer, who will himself be responsible for its acquisition.

AuctionArt accepts no liability for any damage to the object from the time of the auction.

The order of the catalogue will be followed. AuctionArt reserves the right to leave furniture and bulky items in the warehouse of the Hotel Drouot.

The successful bidder of a lot covered by the CITES convention authorizes the auction house to complete the declarative formalities on his behalf.

The sale of a work of art does not entail the right of reproduction of the work for the benefit of its owner.


In the event of non-payment of the amount of the auction and the costs, a formal notice will be sent to the purchaser by registered letter.

with acknowledgement of receipt at the purchaser's expense.

At the end of the one month period following this formal notice and in default of payment of the sum due, it will be collected from the purchaser for

assumption of collection costs an additional fee of 10% of the auction price, with a minimum of 25 €.

The application of this cause does not preclude the allocation of damages and the costs of the procedure that would be necessary,

and does not prejudge the possible implementation of the wild bidding procedure.

Wild bidding: in the absence of payment by the successful bidder, after an unsuccessful notice of default, the property is put up for sale again at the request of the buyer.

of the seller on a foolish bid by the defaulting bidder: if the seller does not make this request within one month from the date of the auction, the seller shall be entitled to a refund.

Upon adjudication, the sale shall be resolved by operation of law, without prejudice to damages. Interest due by the defaulting tenderer.


AuctionArt will act on behalf of the bidder in order to try to buy the lot(s) in the best possible conditions.

and in no case exceeding the maximum amount set.

Please note that AuctionArt executes purchase orders in writing and by telephone as an additional service to its clients,

at no extra cost and at the risk of the future bidder.

AuctionArt undertakes to execute the orders subject to further obligations during the sale. AuctionArt shall not be liable in the event that

any error or omission in the execution of orders received, including in the event of fault.

Purchase orders and telephone bidding requests must be received by us in writing and no later than 24 hours before the sale.

In order to guarantee your order, you must provide us with a bank statement, your bank details, with the telephone number

of your bank and the name of your account manager, a blank cheque payable to AuctionArt or your credit card number via

the attached form.

The information collected on the

Sales conditions