Posters Online

jeudi 11 juin 2020 14:00
Sale information
Sale of an important collection of posters and lithographs at divers

Sale fee: 27% incl. VAT.
The lots are visible at the study at 9 rue de Duras, 75008, Paris by appointment only from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm from Tuesday 02/06/2020 to Thursday 11/06/2020 (except weekends).

For any information, please contact :
- Sales expert : Sylvie Isitt - 060888648 -
- Study contact: Grégoire Veyres - 0140061573 -
After adjudication, the lots are to be collected from the study at 9 rue de Duras, 75008, Paris. Any shipment will be made by a transport company independent of the study and at the expense of the buyer.
Sales conditions