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15000 - 20000 EUR
TIBET - 19th century Important brown patina and gilt bronze group of Kapaladhara Hevajra with a thousand arms and a thousand heads standing in pratyalidhasana in yab yum with his satki Nairatmya trampling demons, known as "Mara'", on the double lotus H. 65 cm. The deity represented here in his Kapaladhara Hevajra aspect, traditionally possesses eight wrathful faces, sixteen hands and four feet, he dances subjugating the Maras in union with his parèdre. Each of his right hands holds a cranial cup containing animals and deities from the Brahmanic pantheon, on the left various gods in padmasana, the main hands in anjali mudra in front of the chest, Nairatmya with one face and two arms brandishes the cleaver and the cranial cup. Provenance: Former LÜ-XIAGUANG collection (1906-1994)
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