[HEURES MANUSCRITES ENLUMINÉES / PARIS]. Livre d'heures à l'usage du diocèse de

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[HEURES MANUSCRITES ENLUMINÉES / PARIS]. Livre d'heures à l'usage du diocèse de
[ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT HOURS / PARIS]. Book of hours for the use of the diocese of Paris. Illuminated manuscript from the beginning of the 15th century in a small volume in-8° (117 x 172 mm), red morocco, wide framing of gilt filets and serrated roulettes on the boards, smooth spine decorated in the same way, gilt edges (17th c. binding). HOURBOOK ORNATED WITH THIRTEEN LARGE MINIATURES, ATTRIBUTABLE to the MASTER of the MAZARINE. COMPOSITION 214 ff. of calligraphic parchment: ff. 1-12 v°: calendar (in French) ; ff. 13-19: pericopes of the Four Gospels; ff. 19-28 v°: hours of the Blessed Virgin; ff. 29-69 v°: Lauds; 70-76: Prime; 76 v°-81: Third; 81 v°-90: Sext; 90 v°-98: Vespers; 98 v°-120 v°: Compline; ff. 121-132: litanies of the saints & orations ; ff. 132 v°-138 v°: orations to the Blessed Virgin (in French); ff. 139-142 v° : the five wounds of Our Lord (in French); ff. 143-198 v° : office of the dead ; ff. 199-214: prayer to St. Catherine and orations of the saints. ILLUSTRATIONS Thirteen large miniatures with ornate margins: f. 29 r°: the Annunciation (with the patron in the margin); ƒ. 57: the Visitation; ƒ. 70: the Nativity (to the bedridden Virgin); ƒ. 76 v°: the Announcement to the shepherds; ƒ. 81 v°: the Adoration of the Magi; ƒ. 90 v°: the Flight into Egypt; ƒ. 98 v°: the Coronation of the Virgin; ƒ. 106: King David; ƒ. 129: Pentecost; ƒ. 132: the Virgin and Child; ƒ. 139: the Resurrection; ƒ. 143: the Office of the Dead; ƒ. 199: St. Catherine (with the commissioner's wife in the margin). ORNAMENTATION Fine illuminated floral garlands enhanced with gold adorning the outer margin (or outer and inner margins) of each page. TEXT In Latin and French. - Regimented copy comprising 214 ff. with fourteen lines per page, in black or brown ink (blue, red, brown or gold for the calendar); - numerous illuminated lettering in gold, on red or blue background; some rubrics. DATE, ORIGIN & ATTRIBUTION Circa 1410/1415, in Paris. This manuscript is by the Mazarine Master (Paris, Bibliothèque Mazarine, Ms 469), who worked in the workshop of the Boucicaut Master. Some of the miniatures show details characteristic of this master, such as the St. Joseph leaning on the bed of the "Virgin of the Nativity" (ƒ. 70). On the other hand, it may be pointed out that the "David at Prayer" (ƒ. 106) is attributable to the master of Egerton, who seems also to have retouched the face of the "Virgin at the Annunciation" (ƒ. 29). Collaboration was frequent between these two artists. On two of the large miniatures (ff. 29 & 199) were painted in the margins the praying effigies of the patroness, who had St. Catherine (ƒ. 199) as her patron saint. DEFECTS Binding restored; minor soiling on a few leaves (ff. 1 & 12) and on the miniature of ƒ. 29; some discharges; very small hole in ƒ. 76. REFERENCES Bartz, Der Boucicaut Meister, Passau, 1999; Paris 1400. The Arts under Charles VI, Paris, 2004.
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